11 v 3D Digital X Rays  scan 3D Digital X-Rays (scan)

The Cone Beam scan is the latest x-ray machine in scanning technology. It takes 200 images within 2 to 6 seconds in real time exposure.

We can then reconstruct your jaws’ x-ray in 3 dimension. With this, we will be able to give you a complete diagnostic with these different cuts: sagittal, transverse, cephalometric and panoramic.

The advantages for the patient are:
  • Reduced radiation by 95%. If you compare the Galileos to other Ct-Scans, we have at least three times less radiation.
  • Surgical procedures less invasive with the use of a scan, therefore healing period is shorter.
  • Reduction of waiting time compared to the public system.

The Cone Beam scan allows the surgeon to:
  • Locate and diagnose lesions and pathologies
  • Plan your surgeries virtually and to prepare the implant placement before the actual surgery.
  • Increase the precision and the predictability by foreseeing your treatment.