Single appointment root canals therapy and apex locator

A root canal treatment is sometimes the only way to save a tooth that may be on its way for an extraction. It can sometimes be necessary to devitalize a tooth due to a deep carries that has reached the nerve, or a tooth that has endured a severe trauma.

A root canal treatment consists of removing the infected, traumatized or dead pulp of the tooth. Under local anesthetic, the dentist will make a small opening in the tooth in order to access the canal that contains the damaged pulp. The pulp is then removed and the canal is then cleaned with a meticulous enlargement and disinfection. The disinfected canal is filled with a rubber like dental material and then sealed.

In our office, a device is always used to locate the apex of the root. This enables the dentist to precisely measure the depth of the canal in question. This method guarantees that each different canal will be 100% sealed and that there is no risk for residual infection.

The preparation of the canals is done mechanically. Thanks to the various tools used in our clinic, a root canal can be completed in just one appointment. This efficient procedure not only minimizes your appointments and limits the rick of infection but also reduces the number of times you will need to be given anesthetic to just once.