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From Infancy to Retirement, We Provide All Dental Treatments You May Need Under One Roof.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The aesthetic, colour, strength, irregularity and function of your teeth can be corrected through dental whitening, veneers, dental crowns and dental bridges.

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A comfortable and efficient orthodontic treatment for all ages is provided to correct your misalignments and give you a lifetime of great smiles.

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Thanks to our high quality and sophisticated equipment, we are able to safely carry out all the necessary steps for dental implants, ridge augmentations, bone grafts, sinus lift elevations and full reconstruction of the mouth with precise standards.

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Periodontal disease treatments, including gingivitis and periodontitis treatments, help return your oral health to its best condition.

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Focusing on the pulp, tissues and roots of the teeth, reparation and prevention of bacterial infections is possible through a root canal treatment or apicoectomy, eliminating any dental pain.

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General Dentistry

All dental needs are provided; from emergency dental requirements to regular dental follow-ups, including wisdom teeth, cavities, extractions & much more.

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Superior Results through State-of-the-Art Technology

Staying up-to-date on the latest, most high-tech equipment is a necessity. The advanced technology we use increases precision and offers you the safest, fastest, least invasive and most innovative dental care.

3D Conebeam Scan

Performs an accurate analysis of the jaw’s bone structure and the location of the teeth on them.

CEREC Omnicam & Primescan

Allows us to manufacture a dental crown and to install it on the same day of the evaluation.


Rapid diagnosis and visualization of lesions and cancerous signs invisible to the naked eye.

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Map of the Centre Dentaire NP location within the West Island of Montreal

Premier Dental Clinic in the Heart of Montreal’s West Island

Fully bilingual staff in a modern facility with a relaxed ambience and plenty of free parking.

Centre Dentaire NP
16912 Trans-Canada Hwy
Kirkland, QC | H9H 0C5

(514) 426-1228

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