Quality dental services near you

Quality dental services near you

Quality dental services near you







to new

Optimal care
by a team of
dedicated professionals!

A state-of-the-art clinic

Technology at the service
of your comfort.


We will then discuss the payment plan
that is best for you in a
discreet and confidential manner,
in addition to assisting you with
all claims.

Your smile
is our priority

For our team of dental professionals,
consisting of four passionate dentists
and certified and dedicated dental hygienists
and dental assistants, your oral health
is our priority.

We give you the taste
of smiling!

Dental Services

A multiple offer to ensure complete care that leaves no part of your oral health aside.

A dental clinic in Kirkland

We are pleased to welcome you to our dental clinic in Kirkland where we offer a variety of dental treatments to meet all your needs and those of your family. With their combined experience, since 25 years Drs Phan, Nguyen and their associates will put their passion and their concern for a job well done at your service.

With their strong background in dentistry and the attentive assistance of our qualified team of dynamic professionals, we will be able to take care of the various parts of your mouth and restore their full functional and aesthetic abilities. For a preventive follow-up, for a dental repair, for care of the gums or other tissues of the mouth, for an esthetic treatment or to replace one or missing teeth, our team will be able to answer your waiting’s. Be assured of a personalized service adapted to your needs; whatever your age and oral condition, we will be able to answer your questions and solve all your problems in a warm and safe atmosphere!

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of complex cases

We offer state-of-the-art specialized
therapies to handle a variety of cases,
from the simplest to the most complex:
implantology, bone grafting and sinus lift,
root canal treatment and apectomy,
laser-assisted gingival grafts, etc.

Give yourself a smile to your measure

In addition to services in general and preventive dentistry, we offer a multitude of aesthetic and surgical care to maximize the functional qualities and visual appearance of your dentition. Our general dentists have the knowledge in endodontics, periodontics, implantology and orthodontics to provide all the care you need under one roof.

Whether you have tooth or gum disease or are unhappy with your smile because of damaged, missing or misaligned teeth, we have a solution for you. Our dedicated team will offer you treatments appropriate to your needs and your means, so that your dentition has the aesthetic and functional qualities you deserve!

An experienced team

Present in Kirkland since more than 20 years, the Centre dentaire NP team welcomes you in a warm atmosphere. Our passionate professionals offer you caring and gentle care.

Together to deliver excellence

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