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Dental Services

At Centre Dentaire NP, your dental office in the West Island of Montreal, we offer a variety of dental services!
These services vary from your routine needs, to dental emergencies, to long term services. We take charge of your oral health along with that of your families. Thanks to our well-trained staff of qualified health professionals equipped with the latest in dental technology, we work together to treat a range of problems that can affect the health and aesthetics of your teeth to provide you with an confident great smile.


Correct the occlusion and alignment of your teeth at any age!


Obtain the most reliable and
dependable solution to
replace missing teeth.


Protect the health of your gums and tissues that surround your dentition to provide a strong base.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform your dental imperfections to achieve your ideal smile!


In the case of dental pain, visit us to get a diagnosis and solution for pain relief.

General Dentistry

We offer qualify services for your entire family.
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The Advantages of Centre Dentaire NP

From consultation to post operatory follow-ups, from routine exams to prevention care and dental treatments, all of the oral health services you may need can be found under one roof.

Our dynamic team takes charge to guide you from beginning to end while offering you the best treatment in the most comfortable manner. As our patients are our number one priority, we offer the most advanced technologies in dental care, such as laser surgeries, root canal treatments using Apex Locators, same-day prepared crowns using CEREC technology, veneers made with Lumineers, traditional orthodontic treatments, and Invisalign. As a patient, you can benefit from these treatments in the most convenient and efficient manner.

From general and aesthetic dentistry to endodontics, periodontics and orthodontics, we take care of all aspects of your mouth and teeth.

Take advantage of the latest technical and technological developments in dentistry such as laser surgeries, Apex Locator assisted root canal treatments, oral cancer detection with the VELscope device, Lumineers veneers, CEREC crowns, Invisalign, etc.

Our accessible and quality services are offered in a professional and warm environment. Thanks to our occasional promotions, take full advantage of the most effective and comfortable treatments!

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