Crown lengthening

When looking at your smile, the position of your gingiva (gums) can be a matter of concern. For example, in some cases, the gingiva can be a little higher in relation to the teeth or on irregular aspect to create a less esthetic appearance. At Centre dentaire NP, located at Kirkland in the West Island of Montreal, we offer a solution to this matter through gingivoplasty or gingivectomy with the use of dental lasers. Do not hesitate to give us a call for questions or appointments!

Treatments for crown lengthening

There are two types of treatment options to correct these dental imperfections of the gingival to give an aesthetic look to your smile.

> Gingivoplasty: This method is used when the gingiva surrounds your dentition in an irregular manner. It will provide you with an improved contour of gingiva that will give you a uniform smile!

>Gingivectomy: This method is used when the gingiva overgrows or over contours the tooth, giving the illusion of a ‘’small tooth’’. The procedure consists of pulling back the tissue that reduces the length of the crown (tooth) and therefore the visible proportion of the crown. It provides an alignment of the gingiva while maintaining a regular and natural gumline.

How do you proceed to the crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening can be close through a series of different steps with the use of local anesthetics.

  • Consult to know your needs: the dentist will determine, according to your current dental conditions and preferences, the height and aspect of the gingiva to treat.
  • Treatment: A part of the gingiva is recontoured or remodelled to the desired height in manner that will give the crowns height to improve their esthetical appearance. This procedure is done by using laser technology with a fine tip that allows a comfortable, precise, efficient and painless result.
  • Healing: After the treatment, it is supposed to let the tissue heal with the instructions given to you by your dentist. Once the tissue has healed, your will have your beautiful and marvelous smile!

Why do a crown lengthening laser treatment?

1 - For a technology using fine tips

The dentists at Centre dentaire NP use the latest use technology that is modern and efficient. By doing so the results are guaranteed along with the comfort of our clinic.

2. For a treatment that is less massive and painless

As there are no incisions using sharps required to recontour the gingiva, the pain that one may experience throughout the treatments is diminished significantly.

3. For rapid healing

As the treatment is less massive and the gum recontouring is done delicately, the postoperatory healing is rapid and painless.

4. For optimal and durable results

The crown lengthening treatment is reliable and durable: Long post operatory healing is minimized and this effect are permanent.

Pourquoi recourir à une intervention d’allongement des dents au laser ?