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Dental Crowns

Due to day-to-day activities and the general wear and tear of tooth enamel, our teeth can weaken while keeping the natural structure of the tooth intact and viable. In these situations, a durable and reliable solution would be a dental crown. Installing a dental crown is done with a single appointment, via the use of the CEREC Omnicam technology used at Centre Dentaire NP, to preserve your tooth's structure without compromising the rest of the anatomy.

What is a Dental Crown?

In order to replace a broken, decayed or demineralized tooth, a dental crown can be a perfect solution. It is made of either porcelain or zirconium and serves as a complete restoration of your original tooth. This allows you to restore complete function while maintaining a harmonious structure within the oral cavity.

Restoration With a Single Visit!

At Centre Dentaire NP, we use the CEREC Omnicam technology which assists in the design and creation of the crowns. With this technology, the dentist can create ceramic crowns using a digital dental impression. This technology allows the dentist to create a dental crown the same day of your evaluation, thus avoiding the need for a temporary crown. Moreover, this eliminates the need of a third-party laboratory and keeps the treatment between you and your dentist.

Dental Crown Placement

  • The dentist evaluates your needs and prepares the tooth for the crown by removing the damaged enamel.
  • A dental x-ray is taken with the latest technology to ensure there is no damage to the rest of the anatomy of the tooth. Using the CEREC Omnicam, the tooth is ‘’scanned’’ to obtain the digital dental impression of the tooth itself and the surrounding dentition.
  • A 3D model is created where this digital information is used to prepare your crown. This is done using a block of ceramic chosen by your dentist. Once the 3D model is created, your crown will take approximately 30-40 minutes to be prepared.
  • Once the crown is ready your dentist will check to see if it fits perfectly within your oral cavity. If the fit and bite is right, the dentist will proceed with cementing the crown and perform final polishing touches as needed.

The advantages of the CEREC Omnicam Technology

1. A Rapid Solution

With the CEREC Omnicam technology, the evaluation and placement of the dental crown occurs the same day. There is no need for a second appointment!

2. A Safe and Zero-Risk Solution

Because the crown can be placed the same day, it eliminates the use of a temporary dental crown, which is less solid and risks breaking at an inconvenient time.

3. A Precise and Comfortable Solution

Using the CEREC Omnicam, a digital model is obtained that is more precise that traditional impressions. This allows the crown to adapt to the mouth in an optimal and comfortable manner.

4. A Natural and Durable Solution

The crowns created have a natural appearance that blend perfectly with the rest of your teeth. These crowns are very resistant and can give you years of comfort.