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Teeth Whitening

At Centre Dentaire NP, we want to provide all of our patients the opportunity to have a beautiful and bright smile. This can be accomplished with professional teeth whitening provided at our clinic. It is a personalized treatment for each individual where we provide quality materials that won't damage your enamel and surrounding tissues.

Why Choose a Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Naturally, our enamel comes in a variety of colors ranging from a light yellow to gray white. Over time, certain factors can cause the enamel to erode and expose the naturally yellow interior of the tooth, or stain the enamel. As a result, teeth become darker and duller, and thus lose their luster and whiteness. By undertaking a teeth whitening treatment using custom whitening trays, you can regain your natural pearly white smile.

Factors that Cause the Yellowing of Teeth

Several habits and behaviors are associated with the discoloring of our enamel. A few examples include: red wine, tea, coffee, certain fruits, soda or heavily pigmented food, energizing drinks, acidic food, medications, cigarettes and age.

Tray Treatment - A Simple, Customized Treatment

At Centre Dentaire NP, we offer teeth whitening with the use of trays that are made in house with the care and knowledge of our dental professionals. This treatment is done in a few steps, the first step at the clinic, and the others at home.

  1. Consultation: The dentist will evaluate your needs and determine if your dentition is healthy to go ahead with teeth whitening. Once this is established, impressions of your teeth will be taken to create your personalized trays. We will take note of your current teeth color before you start the treatment.
  2. Fabrication of your trays: Created in house by our well-trained team.
  3. At home treatment: For a total of two weeks, you will fill your trays with the provided whitening gel and follow the instructions given to you by our team (quantity of gel, duration of application, duration of treatment, etc.)
  4. Results: After just two weeks, your smile will be noticeably white and bright!

The Advantages of a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

1. Verified and Tested Products

The products and materials given to you for your teeth whitening treatment provide a tried and tested result. Professional teeth whitening is a controlled treatment under the supervision of the dentist to prevent any tissue or enamel damage.

2. Personalized Process

Only after a careful examination of your dentition and surrounding tissues will you be given the teeth whitening products.

3. A Simple Treatment

This easy-to-use at home kit can be used without any difficulty or pain. Just follow our simple and easy instructions!

4. Optimal Results

Professional teeth whitening is one of the best ways to give you the bright, white smile that you deserve!