Dental imperfections can cause shyness and discomfort and when it is time to show a smile! A proven esthetic solution, that is just reliable and gives permanent resolution is dental veneers. Once placed on to your teeth, these fine customized ceramic/porcelain shells provide away to achieve a bright and perfect smile.

Come visit us at our dental clinic in Kirkland in the west island of Montreal, to discover if dental veneers are an option for you!

What are the uses for dental veneers?

Made with porcelain breveted Cerinate, the ultrathin Lumineers provided at Centre dentaire NP, your dental office in Kirkland (West Island), allows the ability to give back the esthetics to your smile. Dental veneers are made for the selected teeth by you and your dentist to correct various imperfections:

> Malalignment of teeth: Crowns are overall uniformity of your dentition.
> Spacing between the teeth: Gives the Opportunity to close irregular or unaesthetic spaces.
> The shape of your teeth: allows uniformity of the form, cracks, or broken teeth.
> Color of the teeth: allows to mask discolored teeth.

Lumineer veneers: 2 steps for a beautiful smile

Lumineer work in a different manner compared to the traditional method of venners. Lumineer veners work by placing them directly on the tooth without having to heavily prepare your tooth (thinning your tooth or removing portions of yours enamel). Thanks to this technology, you can gain a beautiful smile with two simple consultations.

  • A consultation to evaluate your smile and take dental impressions: during this consultation, the dentist evaluates your needs and together you will color of the veneers to be made. Once that is determinate, dental impressions will be taken to ensure that the veneers have the perfect custom fit. Following the dental impressions; they will be sent out to DenMat for the following step.
  • A consultation for the placement of the veneers: at the second appointment, the dentist will place the veneers on your teeth by using dental materials. This is fast and painless step done without the use of local anesthetics.

Why choose Lumineer veneers?

1. For a bright and uniform smile

Dental veneers allow to correct imperfections in good manner. Such as : Color, Cracked or broken teeth, malalignment, dental spaces etc.

2. For the simplicity and rapid manner of treatment

The Lumineer technology does not require special prepwork of your dentition (trimming or polishing of your enamel) – Only two appointments are required to complete this process: One is an evaluation and the other is the placement of the dental veneers.

3. For a painless treatment

As no preparation work of the enamel is needed as in the traditional veneers system, you can obtain this treatment without a local anesthesia!

4. To keep you bright smile for a long time

The Lumineer veneers are resistant towards stains and chips and can keep your smile bright and beautiful for years to come!