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Endodontics is a discipline of dentistry that focuses on the pulp, tissues and roots of the teeth. The pulp of the tooth can be affected with infections from various bacteria that need to be treated quickly. These infections cause pain and damage to not only the infected tooth but also neighboring teeth and/or jaw.


What is the Focus of Endodontics?

Each tooth is composed of multiple components and tissues in order for it to be healthy and have great stability in the the mouth. Keeping these tissues and components healthy becomes vital to ensure a healthy oral cavity.

> Enamel: the exterior layer of the tooth. It is white and/or pale yellow in color and has a protective purpose serving as a a defense layer for our daily habits.
> Dentin: yellow in color, it is found under the enamel and represents most of the volume of the tooth.
> Pulp chamber: this is the interior portion of the tooth that is protected by the dentin and enamel. It is the area that encloses the pulp, vessels, nerves and root canals, and serves to carry the nerves and blood vessels to the dental pulp.

It is when this last part is affected by bacteria causing infection that the use of an endodontic intervention, such as root canal treatment and apicoectomy, is appropriate. In these cases, our dentists using high-precision instruments, including the Apex Locator, will be able to stop the infection and limit its spread while leaving the tooth in place. By completing this treatment, you are ensuring that your oral cavity stays healthy and allows it to properly play its role in chewing and speaking.

If you are suffering from a toothache, it is important to consult your dentist quickly so that they can help control and resolve the issue while avoiding unfortunate consequences.

Root Canal Treatment

Once bacteria affects the interior of the tooth, a root canal treatment is usually necessary. During the procedure, the dentists at Centre Dentaire NP have one goal: to remove the infected pulp to save the tooth, and keep it within the jawbone for as long as possible. In order to facilitate and guarantee the success of the treatment, the dentist may use an Apex Locator allowing them to properly measure the canal to be treated.

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Unfortunately, in some cases a root canal is not the final solution for an infected tooth. Infections can persist and cause pain and put neighboring teeth at risk. Thus, an apicoectomy might be necessary. During this procedure, the dentists at Centre Dentaire NP remove the end of the root and seal it off to ensure that bacteria can no longer infect the treated area again.

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