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Root Canal Treatment

The viability of the tooth is compromised when the pulp of the tooth is infected, damaged and/or dead. In order to save the tooth, the dentist must proceed with a root canal treatment. At Centre Dentaire NP, your dental office in Kirkland, in the West Island of Montreal, the dentist will use an apex locator to help facilitate the location of the apex (end of the root) to help limit the risk of complications. Call us today to book your appointment!

Why Choose Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a last resort to save the tooth when the pulp (internal component of the tooth that holds the blood vessels and nerves) is infected with bacteria. This can occur when tooth decay has worsened, or on a fractured tooth, or when a dental filling is damaged. When bacteria reaches the pulp of the tooth, it will gradually lose its vitality, which can have several consequences:

> Weakening of the tooth
> Toothache and/or pain
> The formation of an abscess
> The spread of an infection

An Essential and Routine Procedure

In order to prevent the issues listed above, it's necessary to remove the damaged, infected or dead pulp in order to avoid having to extract and then having to replace the diseased tooth. A root canal can help relieve dental pain and the spreading of the infection. This treatment is done with the use of local anesthetics and is no more painful than a filling procedure. The following are the steps for a root canal:

  • Placement of a dam around the diseased tooth: this aims to prevent bacteria and saliva from coming into contact with the treated area.
  • Pulp extraction: using precision tools, the dentist will make an incision in the tooth to gain access to the dental pulp. They will then remove the pulp with specialized tools and may enlarge the canals to ensure they are well cleaned and clear of bacteria.
  • Cleaning and filling the canal: once the canal is cleaned of the infection, the dentist will fill it with a rubber-like material called “gutta percha”.
  • Closing the incision: the dentist will fill the area with a composite (a dental filling material). In certain cases the dentist will recommend a dental crown to ensure that the tooth stays strong.

Root Canal Treatment Myths

1. It is not a painful procedure

It is not the treatment itself, but rather the action of the bacteria on the nerves in the pulp that causes the pain. The root canal treatment helps relieve the pain.

2. It's a complex procedure

At Centre Dentaire NP, we use an Apex Locator to assess the length of the canal to be treated, thus simplifying the procedure.

3. A root canal treatment requires several dental visits

With the use of new technologies and the Apex Locator, root canal treatment can be done and completed within one dental visit.

4. Root canal treatment has several risks

The Apex Locator allows the dentist to ensure that all the different root canals of the tooth are well sealed, which helps reduce the risk of residual infection.