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General Dentistry

In order to achieve and maintain great overall health, keeping your oral cavity clean and the bacteria level as low as possible is vital. If the teeth and mouth are affected with different bacterial strains that prevent them from doing their functions, other diseases can manifest in either the mouth or the rest of our body. In order to keep your oral cavity in good condition we offer you a variety of general treatments for you and your family at Centre dentaire NP, your dental office in Kirkland (West Island of Montreal).

General Dentistry

Our team would be pleased to do your regular follow-ups from infancy all the way to your retirement!

Routine dental exam and dental cleaning

By visiting your dentist at Centre dentaire NP on a regular basis, you will benefit from a comfortable dental cleaning and thorough dental exam. The dentist will also evaluate the overall health of your oral cavity and diagnose any cavities or lesions that affect your health.

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Oral cancer screening

During your routine dental visits, the dentist will proceed with a thorough exam of the tissues in your oral cavity to check for signs of precancerous or cancerous lesions. This is done first with a naked eye followed by a Velscope which helps dental professionals detect irregular cell growth at the earliest possible stages.

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Dental caries

If you have a dental cavity, it is important to treat it as quick as possible to avoid the bacteria from attacked the interior of the tooth. When treating a dental cavity, your dentist will recommend composite (dental filling material) and/or porcelain to allow you to masticate your food as usual.

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Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth normally grow towards the end of adolescence or early adulthood. In certain cases, there is either not enough space for them to erupt and/or they erupt irregularly. In order to prevent infections or periodontal issues it is recommended that you remove your wisdom teeth. However, your dentist first evaluates your wisdom teeth before making the decision to remove them.

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Dental extractions

Several factors can damage a permanent tooth and at times it is not possible to save the tooth. In these situations, the dentist can proceed with its extraction. By doing this procedure with high skill and knowledge, it can prolong the health of the rest of your dentition.

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We all know or are an individual that snores! It is a sleeping disorder that can affect both the individual and those around them. The dentist can provide you with an appliance that is simple, easy to use and personalized to help you solve the issue.

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Grinding your teeth at night can cause headaches, neck problems, jaw pain and/or teeth that are worn down. In order to control this issue at night, your dentist can recommend and fabricate a nightguard for you. Both your day and night will be a lot more enjoyable and pain free. Call us today to get an appointment with your dentist!

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Certain sports (boxing, martial arts, hockey, football, gymnastics, mountain biking etc.) or hobbies can put your dentition and oral cavity at risk. In order to help limit the risk and/or broken teeth, we offer our patients mouthguards that can be worn during all your sporting events.

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