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Sports and physical activity are necessary for our well being however there are certain sports that can put our dentition at risk. It is therefore highly recommended to wear a mouthguard when playing a contact sport and/or high-risk sports. At Centre dentaire NP, your dental office in Kirkland, we make custom-fit mouthguards with your choice of colors!

In what situations is it necessary to wear a mouthguard?

Even though our teeth are strong they are prone to damage (chipped, broken teeth etc.), when they receive a direct or indirect hit. This can happen during our daily activities and the chances increase when we are playing sports.


> Combat sports such as boxing, fighting, martial arts (karate, Tae Kwon Do etc.): these types of sports include hits to the face that endangers your oral cavity.
> Contact sports such as hockey and football: these sports involve a high amount of direct contact that can become violent. As such, the oral cavity can receive several hits during a game or practice.
> Other sports that create risk such as: gymnastics, snowboarding, skateboarding or mountain biking: the jaw can sustain a certain amount of shocks however sudden, repeated hits when falling can create significant damage.

Mouthguard: function

When practicing certain sports, it is important to protect your teeth and mouth to avoid sudden and/or repeated damage directly to the tissues, teeth and surrounding areas. The mouthguard is placed in the mouth in a way that the teeth and tissues are well protected. In this way, the mouthguard will absorb any sudden shock that the oral cavity receives in turn protecting your teeth. The mouthguard also works in protecting against any cuts to the lips or other damage to the oral cavity. It can also help in preventing concussions and/or jaw fractions. Mouthguards can be found as over-the-counter products, however as these require to keep your oral cavity healthy and accident free, it is highly recommended to get one custom-made by your dental professional.

The advantages to a custom-made mouthguard

1. An well-adapted protection

The mouthguard is personalized and compatible with multiple oral cavity conditions therefore it is easy to wear. It does not risk causing any damage itself to your dentition but rather only protects it.

2. Comfortable protection

The custom design allows the mouthguard to be personalized and well adapted to the dentition. It is generally less bulky and intrusive when compared to the universal mouthguards found over-the-counter.

3. Stable protection

As these are made after taking dental impression, it is harmonious with the jaw and tissues to prevent it from moving when it receives a direct or indirect shock to the face.

4. Optimal protection

The mouthguard provides a personalized protection against shocks meanwhile allowing you to continue speaking and breathing normally. It allows you to practice sports safely and without any dental worries!

Les avantages d’un protecteur buccal personnalisé