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Oral Cancer Screening

By allowing your dental professionals to do an oral cancer screening, we can help detect precancerous or cancerous lesions at an early stage. At Centre Dentaire NP we use a VELscope that helps detect lesions. This device is easy to use, painless and only requires about 60 seconds of your time.

VELscope: for Quick and Precise Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer can occur in several areas in the oral cavity such as the palate, tongue, lips, salivary glands, the inner tissue of the cheeks, tonsils etc. As the dentist is highly trained in the oral cavity and its anatomy, they will proceed with a thorough examination to detect abnormal lesions and/or signs of oral cancer. With the help of the VELscope technology, it is possible to detect these early signs even though they are not visible to the naked eye. The device uses an ultraviolet light that causes abnormal tissue to reflect differently than those that are healthy.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

The detection of oral cancer is particularly important if you have risk factors, some of which are directly related to lifestyle habits.
> Heredity and genetics: there is a higher risk when an immediate family member has already been affected with oral cancer. Furthermore, you may be predisposed to certain periodontal conditions that affect your oral health.
> Alcohol and tobacco: these two habits can increase the risk and development of cancerous tissues and cells, especially when they are combined.
> HPV: the Human Papilloma Virus (especially strains 16 and/or 18), is the source of certain oral cancers that are not attributable to alcohol, tobacco or genetic factors.
> Diet: A diet low in vitamins and minerals, many of which are contained in fruits and vegetables, can increase the risk of cancer, as can the consumption of very hot beverages.

Oral Cancer Screening Facts

1. Oral cancer screening: to be done on a regular basis

By seeing a dentist twice a year, lesions can be detected early on, allowing for rapid management of the disease.

2. Increased chances of healing

The odds of defeating oral cancer increases by approximately 30% when the diagnosis is made in the early stages.

3. The VELscope increases the precision of oral cancer screening

By combing both a visual examination along with a VELscope exam, the dentist increases their chances of detecting oral cancer lesions that are precancerous or cancerous.

4. A simple and rapid exam

The oral cancer-screening exam is done during your routine dental visit. It allows us to take care of your dental health quickly and in a painless manner!