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Routine Dental Exam and Dental Cleaning

At all ages, it is important to maintain a healthy oral cavity, which entails good dental hygiene habits and regular check-ups with your dentist. As such, it is important to have a routine dental exam on a regular basis in order to carry out a thorough cleaning of the teeth and mouth, and to allow the dentist to ensure the good health of your oral cavity.

Dental Cleaning for your Oral Cavity

During your routine dental exam, the team of dental professionals at Centre Dentaire NP, will perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth. We pay particular attention to the removal of plaque and tartar, which is often difficult, if not impossible, to completely dislodge with simple brushing. When plaque or tartar accumulates, it can cause dental cavities, gingivitis or gum recession. It is therefore very important to remove all plaque and tartar properly.

Routine Dental Exam

During your visit, a thorough dental examination will be done of your mouth, teeth and surrounding tissues to help detect any infections or lesions. If something irregular is found, the dentist will make a diagnosis and then plan the appropriate treatments.

Components of a Dental Examination:

> Evaluation of the teeth: with the help of dental tools and techniques, your dentist will assess the surfaces of each tooth to check for cavities. The dentist will also check to ensure that any fillings, crowns, dental implants and/or dental bridges are still well sealed and in good condition.
> Evaluation of the gums: the dentist will check the health of the gums, bones and tissues that hold the teeth in place in order to check for the presence of periodontal disease.
> Oral cancer screening: using the Velscope device, the dentist will examine the oral cavity to ensure that there are no signs of oral cancer.
> Dental x-rays: on a yearly basis (unless otherwise indicated), your dentist will take x-rays of your mouth to ensure that there are no cavities in between, or on the surface of your teeth. These x-rays will also help detect any cysts, tumors, erosion of the jawbones, position of roots and teeth etc.

Regular Dental Exams are Important!

1. For monitoring by certified dental professionals

The dentist is the only professional who is able to assess and evaluate the state of your teeth and mouth in a meticulous and detailed manner to ensure your oral health.

2. For oral health

In order to diagnose problems as soon as they appear, it is recommended to perform a routine dental exam every 6 to 12 months. A specific timeframe will be recommended to you by your dental professionals depending on your oral health.

3. To maintain good oral hygiene habits

During your visit, our dental team will take the opportunity to provide you with hygiene advice in order to maintain good oral health.

4. For a healthy mouth at any age

By visiting your dentist on a regular basis, from a young age to past retirement, you increase your chances of keeping your smile healthy for a long time!