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Snoring is a sleeping disorder that affects many individuals along with those around them. Albeit this is problem that may cause shyness, we are here to help! The dentist can create an appliance to aid with your snoring by creating a denture. By clearing your respiratory tracts while you are asleep, this appliance can contribute to regulating your breathing thus, reducing your snoring.

Snoring: a frustrating problem

Snoring occurs when your respiratory tracts are narrow or partially obstructed. This can occur for several reasons such as: a thick or low palate, excess adipose (fat) tissue in the throat, and/or abnormal tonsils. In these situations, a sound is generated when the air passes through the pharynx and vibrates through these vocal cords. In the case of respiration that is partially obstructed, it is the mostly this snoring sound that creates discomfort for the individual that is snoring along with those around him/her.

A solution offered at your dental office

To help you reduce your snoring, a dental appliance called denture can be recommended and made for you. This solution is offered in the office and can help clear your respiratory tracts to help the air pass through without causing vibrations leading to snoring. This appliance resembles a mouthguard that is used when playing sports. It is composed of two trays that are worn while you are asleep. It creates a slight force to push the mandible (lower jaw) forward, tongue and any other oral structures that can cause respiratory obstruction.

Only a few steps are necessary to benefit from this solution:

  • The dentist will first examine your dentition and oral structures to see whether or not the appliance will be a good fit.
  • Once the evaluation is completed, dental impressions will be taken of the mouth. These will then be sent out to a dental laboratory where they will make the appliance.
  • Once the appliance is back at the dental office, the dentist will go ahead and make any necessary adjustments so that you can be as comfortable as possible.
  • A certain time period is needed for you to develop a habit to sleep with an appliance in the mouth. If further adjustments are needed, please let your dentist know.
  • The dentist will do regular follow-ups with you to ensure that potential impacts on the dentition and the joints in the jaw are not affected.

Why should you choose this appliance to help with snoring?

1. For a more peaceful sleep

By clearing your respiratory tracts it will help not only with snoring but also with the quality of sleep and breathing you get during the night.

2. A simple and nonsurgical solution

The appliance allows a solution for most snoring cases without any modifications to your dental anatomy through surgery.

3. A sure and personalized solution

The appliances offered at the dental office offer better benefits when compared to over-the-counter products and/or appliances, as they are custom-made. Custom-made mouth appliances will not have any consequences on the oral cavity.

4. To help those around you have a comfortable sleep

Individuals that snore sometimes are not affected by their snoring however; their spouses are deeply affected. By choosing this appliance not only will you sleep and breathe better but so will you spouse!