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Wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth are your third molars that erupt towards late adolescence or early adulthood. In certain cases there is either not enough space for them to erupt and/or they erupt irregularly. In order to prevent infections or periodontal issues it is recommended that you remove your wisdom teeth. However, your dentist first evaluates your wisdom teeth before making the decision to remove them.

Wisdom teeth extraction as a preventative measure

The wisdom teeth appear in the oral cavity when there is enough space for them. This typically occurs between the ages of 17 to 25. The most common issues that would lead to an extraction is inadequate space for the wisdom teeth, their eruption pattern is irregular, they are impacted and/or semi-erupted. Upon evaluation by the dentist, he/she may recommend for their extraction to prevent any future issues from developing. Also, another factor to keep in mind is that the roots of the teeth are not fully developed at this age therefore making it optimal to extract.

Although it is routine procedure, this can cause some adolescents and/or adults to be nervous. If this is the case, it is important to let the team at Centre dentaire NP, your dental office in Kirkland (West Island of Montreal) know so that we can provide the best comfort as possible.

Potential issues with wisdom teeth

If the wisdom teeth have been recommended to extract and the procedure is not done the following issues can occur:

> Dental cavities: as these teeth are found towards the very end of our oral cavity, it becomes very difficult to clean them well. The risk of dental caries increases and even more so when they are semi-erupted. This is because the bacteria can easily enter and stay underneath the gum and attack the root and/or its neighboring tooth.
> Infections/abscess: the bacteria can attack the gingiva and surrounding tissues around the tooth causing infection leading to an abscess. This can spread over to not only the tissues but also the periodontal components.
> Cysts/tumor: an increased exposure to bacteria and recurrent infections can facilitate the development of a cyst and/or tumor, sometimes cancerous.

Facts on the extraction of wisdom teeth

1. Preventative extraction is key step to a healthy oral cavity

It is preferable to extract the wisdom teeth before any issues occur and reduce the risk of infections.

2. A preventative measure to be taken at adolescence

An extraction around the age or 17 to 18 allows the prevention any future complications associated with their eruption.

3. A well-planned procedure

As many individuals can feel nervous when recommending this procedure, it is important to communicate to your dental professionals about your sentiments. We are here to help make it as comfortable as possible! Also, upon following the guidelines and instructions given to you by your dentist, the healing process will occur in a smooth manner and potential complications will be reduced.