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Sinus Lift

Even if dental implants are considered one of the best options of dentition replacement, it happens fairly often that the oral cavity is not fully prepared for this procedure. In order to prepare the oral cavity for successful placement of dental implants, Dr. Tam Phan at Centre dentaire NP, will recommend a sinus lift.

What is a sinus lift and why is it needed?

The maxillary sinuses are air cavities surrounded by tissues and are located above the maxillary arch (upper jaw). As they are located above our upper teeth, they can at times interfere when placing dental implants in the maxillary arch. When the upper jaw is edentulous, either partially or entirely, the bone will begin to resorb slowly. The sinus tissues will therefore have more space allowing the maxillary sinus to expand. The sinuses will naturally expand as we age as well. If this is the situation or if the sinus is low to the roots of the maxillary dentition, putting a dental implant in this area can occur by proceeding with a sinus lift.

Sinus Lift procedure

First sentence. This procedure is done with local anesthetic and/or oral sedatives. Once this treatment is completed, there will be a healing time frame determined by the dentist before the placement of the dental implant. This will ensure that the bone graft and sinus lift is healed well before the area receives further treatment.

  • Once the local anesthetic takes effect, Dr. Phan will begin by making an incision in the area where the maxillary premolars and/or molars are located.
  • An opening is created in the bone of the upper jawbone to gain access to the maxillary sinus.
  • The dentist will very gently lift the sinus membrane and create space to place bone.
  • The bone graft will be placed in slowly. The bone will come from either an external donor, artificial composition or the patient himself or herself.
  • A membrane may also be placed which comes directly from the patient and is made at the clinic.
  • The dentist will place this membrane on top of the grafted area to protect and facilitate the healing process before closing the site.

Why is a sinus lift recommended?

1. To alleviate the consequences of missing dentition

When there is a missing tooth or teeth, the bone begins to resorb and it the case of the upper arch, the sinus expands making the placement of dental implants difficult.

2. To ensure that the implants are harmonious with the bone

A sinus lift allows the clinician to restore the thickness of the bone in the maxillary arch therefore creating an area where dental implants can be held in place.

3. To benefit from the advantages of dental implants

Without this procedure, there are several individuals that would not be able to benefit from dental implants depriving them from a long-lasting, solid and durable solution.

4. For a surgery that is tested and dependable

The sinus lift at Centre dentaire NP is practiced by Dr. Tam Phan, his highly trained and qualified staff with the aid of the latest technologies with high precision. All these qualifications combined leads to a high rate of success in this procedure! Several patients come from abroad to benefit from his renowned knowledge and expertise.