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Sinus Lift

Even if dental implants are considered one of the best options for teeth replacement, it happens fairly often that the oral cavity is not fully prepared for this procedure. In order to prepare the oral cavity for successful placement of dental implants, the dentists at Centre Dentaire NP may recommend a sinus lift.

What is a Sinus Lift and Why is it Needed?

The maxillary sinuses, bony cavities containing tissue, are located just above the upper jaw. As they are located above our upper teeth, they can sometime interfere with the placement of dental implants. When the upper jaw is edentulous, either partially or entirely, the bone will begin to slowly resorb. The sinus tissues, which have more space, then tend to expand. The sinuses will naturally expand as we age as well. In such cases, the bone surface might be too thin to receive an implant.

However, it is possible to remedy the situation by resorting to a sinus lift. This surgery, performed in our state-of-the-art facilities, aims to lift the sinus tissues and then perform a bone graft in order to restore sufficient thickness and volume to the bone of the upper jaw.

Sinus Lift Procedure

This procedure is generally performed under local anesthetic and/or oral sedatives. Once this treatment is completed, there will be a period of healing determined by the dentist before the placement of the dental implant. This is to ensure that the bone graft and sinus lift is healed well before the area receives further treatment.

  • Once under local anesthetic takes effect, the dentist will begin by making an incision in the area where the maxillary premolars and/or molars are located.
  • An opening is created in the jawbone to gain access to the sinus tissues.
  • The dentist will very gently lift the sinus tissues and create space to place the bone graft.
  • The bone graft is then placed. The bone will come from either an external donor, artificial composition or the patient themselves.
  • The dentist then places a synthetic membrane on the graft to protect it and to promote its healing, before closing the site.

Why is a Sinus Lift Recommended?

1. To compensate for the consequences of missing teeth

When one or more teeth are missing from the upper jaw, the bones resorb and the sinuses swell, making it impossible to place implants.

2. To ensure that the implants hold well

A sinus lift restores thickness to the upper jaw bone, thus creating an area where dental implants can be held in place.

3. To benefit from dental implants

Without this procedure, many people would not be able to have implants, depriving them of a strong, durable and natural-looking replacement option.

4. For a surgery that is tested and dependable

A sinus lift is performed by highly trained and qualified staff with the highest of precision and the aid of the latest technologies, increasing the success rate of the procedure.