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There is no age too late to acquire a well-aligned smile. At Centre Dentaire NP, your clinic situated in Kirkland of Montreal's West Island, our dentists offer you high quality orthodontic services for kids, adolescents and adults. This form of treatment focuses on providing well-aligned teeth and jaws. This treatment offers a lifetime of great smiles and proper functionality of your dentition, while correct misalignment issues in an efficient and comfortable manner.


We have the solution for the misaligned teeth that bother you, along with the positioning and correction of your occlusion. Talk to our dental team and we will find you an appropriate solution to match your age, needs, and budget.

It is important to address the issues regarding your misaligned teeth and occlusion because not only does it affect the aesthetics of your smile, but also the functionality of your dentition. Issues in these areas can compromise the overall health of the oral cavity and your quality of life, which is why it is highly recommended to correct these abnormalities at a young age. Despite this, do not be afraid or shy away from starting orthodontic treatment as an adult! Moreover, these treatments have drastically improved over the years to give adults comfortable and incredible results!
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Invisalign – Invisible Orthodontics

In order to correct the occlusion or misalignment of your dentition, we offer an alternative form of braces then your traditional fixed orthodontics: Invisalign. With the use of Invisalign aligners that are designed from a 3D model of your mouth, your teeth will get straightened and realigned. With this comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and efficient solution, we will give your teeth better alignment, functionality and an improved quality of life for your smile and your health. All this without the use of traditional braces!

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Orthodontics for Kids

It is recommended to get an orthodontic consultation for your child between the ages of six and seven. By having them evaluated while the teeth are still forming, it is possible for the dentist to see if their oral cavity development is occurring correctly. If there are any alignment, occlusion or positioning issues, we can create solutions to aid with their dental development.

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Orthodontics for Adolescents

Adolescence is another ideal time for orthodontics. The permanent teeth have erupted, and the jaw has taken the form in a permanent manner. However, the mouth is still under development and orthodontic treatment may be recommended to provide solutions to misaligned teeth and malocclusion. Through orthodontics, our dentists can provide the gift of a well aligned bite and beautiful smile for life!

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Orthodontics for Adults

It is never too late to correct the alignment of your teeth and the malocclusion of your jaw. This is why we offer orthodontic treatments to adults. We offer discrete, comfortable, versatile and suitable options for everyday activities. This way, the appearance of your teeth will improve, and your smile will have the appearance you desire!

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