When it comes time to correct your alignment or malocclusion, several orthodontic treatments are available to you. At Centre dentaire NP in the city of Kirkland, we offer you the option of Invisalign, an alternative option to traditional braces that us comfortable, discrete and effectives. By choosing Invisalign, you will be able to correct the alignment of your dentition and maximize the esthetics of your smile and be able to enjoy your meals with a great occlusion.

What is Invisalign?

It is a system that use personalized clear trays (aligners) that are removable and non to realign and or change your alignment. These aligners are made to measure with the use of digital technology.

The steps for treatment:

  • Consultation & evaluation: The dentist will evaluate your dentition and needs followed by creating a 3D model of your occlusion with the help of scans, radiographs and pictures.
  • Treatment: The trays are customized to your oral cavity and should be replaced regularity as per you needs, typically every two weeks to once a month as per the dentist instructions.
  • Results: after a few months, you will begin to see changes in your occlusion and overate smile. Once the treatment is completed the dentist may ask you to wear retainers or lingual wires to ensure permanent results.

Types of occlusion issues treated:

> Graps or malocclusion: An abnormal space between the top and bottom teeth can cause speech and mastication problems.
> Spacing: Crowding or large spaces? increase the risk of gingival and periodontal diseases.
> Supraocclusion: When the maxillary teeth (top teeth) tall too deep into those of the mandibulor (bottom) this can cause fatigue and or pain of the jaw.
> Underbite: When the maxillary teeth close behind those of the mandibuler, this can increase the wear on your dentition and cause can
> Overlap: Teeth can sometimes overlap its neighbour which can plaque accumulation leading to caries and or gingivitis.
> Crossbite: Where when you bite down inside your bottom teeth instead of a little outside of the lower teeth.

The advantage of Invisalign

1. A comfortable treatment

The aligners are removable and are not fixed unto your teeth which can sometimes irritate the gum.

2. A discrete and esthetic treatment

As to the fact that this aligner is transparent and will adapted to the teeth, they are less visible and not modify the appearance of your smile.

3. Rapid and easy results

The results are quickly visible to you and they are gratly appreciated by all our patients.

4. An adapted treatment for the daily life

The aligners provided by Invisalign are discrete easily removable so that you can eat, floss and brush your teeth. The changes will occur without you the need to shy away from smiling.