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When it comes time to correct your teeth alignment or malocclusion, several orthodontic treatments are available to you. At Centre Dentaire NP, we offer you the option of Invisalign, an alternative option to traditional braces that is comfortable, discrete and effective. By choosing Invisalign, you will be able to correct the alignment of your teeth, maximize the aesthetics of your smile, and be able to enjoy your meals without discomfort.

What is Invisalign?

It is a system that uses custom-made, removable clear trays (aligners) which are applied to your teeth in order to straighten and change their alignment. These aligners are made to measure with the use of digital technology.

Steps for Treatment:

  • Consultation & evaluation: the dentist will evaluate your needs and create a 3D model of your mouth with the help of scans, x-rays and photos.
  • Treatment: the aligners are customized to your oral cavity and should be replaced regularly depending on your needs, ranging from once every two weeks to once a month as per the dentist's instructions.
  • Results: after a few months, you will begin to see changes in your teeth alignment and your overall smile. Once the treatment is completed the dentist may ask you to wear retainers or lingual wires to ensure permanent results.

Types of Occlusion Issues Treated:

> Gaps or malocclusion: An abnormal space between the top and bottom teeth can cause speech and chewing problems.
> Spacing: Teeth that too far apart can increase the risk of gum and periodontal disease.
> Overbite: When the maxillary teeth (upper teeth) fall too low onto the mandibular teeth (bottom teeth) this can cause fatigue and/or pain of the jaw.
> Underbite: When the maxillary teeth close behind those of the mandibular teeth, this can increase the wear of your teeth in addition to causing joint pain.
> Overlap: Teeth can sometimes overlaps its neighboring tooth, which can increase the accumulation of plaque, leading to cavities and/or gingivitis.
> Crossbite: When upper teeth end up inside the lower teeth, which can cause general wear and the increased risk of gingivitis and bone erosion.

The Advantages of Invisalign

1. A Comfortable Treatment

Invisalign aligners are removable, and are not fixed onto your teeth which can irritate the gums.

2. A Discrete and Aesthetic Treatment

Because these aligners are transparent and well-adapted to the teeth, they are not very visible and don’t modify the appearance of your smile.

3. Rapid and Easy Results

The results are quickly visible whereby the changes are smooth, causing less inconvenience and discomfort than usual orthodontic treatments.

4. A Treatment Adapted for Daily Life

Invisalign aligners are discrete and easily removable so that you can eat, floss and brush your teeth without hassle. The changes will occur without you having to worry about them!