Orthodontics for adults

Contrary to popular belief, orthodontics is not only reserved to children and teenagers; adults are also able to benefit from these to correct problems of malocclusion and alignment of teeth. The dentists of Centre dentaire NP, your dental clinic at Kirkland in the West of Montreal, offer several options of orthodontic treatments adapted to adult dentitions, in a way to improve functional and aesthetical aspects of your mouth and smile.

Orthodontics, it’s also for adults!

There is no limit for procedures of orthodontic treatments. Besides, more and more choose to resort to it to solve problems near the alignment of their teeth or the occlusion of their jaws. This obviously results on the aesthetic of the smile and the maximization of the functional aspect such as mastication and digestion just to name a few. If the problems to solve resemble to ones of children or teenagers, the needs of adults could maybe be different. On one side, their mouth is no longer growing, which will influence the choice of the recommended treatments. On the other side, their lifestyle asks for more discreet treatments adapted to their regular daily activities. During a consultation in orthodontics at Centre dentaire NP, your dentist will take these elements into account on top to seeing your good oral and general health to assure the treatment can be applied slowly.

Uses of orthodontics for adults

The problems treated in orthodontics for adults remain sensibly the same as the ones treated for teenagers. In fact, the oral conditions leading to these treatments are similar. If they affect the aesthetical aspect of the smile, they also have an effect on the self-esteem and confidence that you project whenever you take out your great smile. Certain North-American sociological studies even affirm that in more than 80% of the cases, people remark the smile of a person before any other physical trait.

Some solutions brought for:

> Various cases of alignment for teeth
> Bad positioning of the teeth
> Insufficient space for the teeth
> The alignment of the upper jaw compared to the lower one
> Exhaustion or pain at the level of the articulation of the jaw
> Irregular or very pronounced spaces between the teeth
> Any other difficulties concerning malocclusion

Why resort to orthodontic treatments at adulthood?

1. Because adapted options exist

With new advanced technologies in orthodontics, more and more discreet, versatile and adapted options for an active lifestyle are offered in clinic.

2. Because you deserve a beautiful smile

Since there is now a lot less risks to lose teeth when getting old, it is worth the trouble to maximize, as an adult, the functional and aesthetical aspects of the dentition.

3. Because oral health is important

The problem of teeth alignment and malocclusion can bring harm to a good oral health, which is why it is important to correct.

4. Because it is never too late

If your oral health is generally well, nothing is holding you back to undertake a treatment to improve your smile, no matter your age!

Orthodontie pour adulte - avantages