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Orthodontics for Children

Childhood is an important part of development when it comes to the mouth. It is at this point where the primary teeth get replaced by permanent teeth and the jaw bone is shaped into its permanent form. This is why only orthodontic consultation between the ages of six and seven is recommended to ensure the proper formation and positioning of your child’s teeth and jaw.

Why Start Orthodontics at a Young Age?

An orthodontic consultation is recommended for children between the ages of six and seven, as this is when their molars start to come out. From the moment they are present in their mouth, it is possible to establish the subsequent occlusion and to evaluate the space the teeth will have on the jaw, as well as their placement and alignment. With their knowledge in orthodontics, the dentists at Centre Dentaire NP are qualified in detecting the problems that could affect the development of the teeth and jaw of your child. They are also capable of prescribing, when needed, the most appropriate treatment to give your child a smile for life.

Possible Issues your Child may Need Treatment for:

> Misalignment of the upper jaw: it can either be too far forward or too far back, which causes a poor bite and joint problems.
> Missing space for adult teeth: a narrow palate could provoke an abnormal positioning of the teeth once the baby teeth fall out, or the malocclusion of teeth into the jaw.
> Teeth that could be positioned better: to avoid several alignments disturbing teeth such as a crossbite or overlapping.
> Any other obstacle with teeth: that could result in speech difficulties or even to chew.

Advantages of an Orthodontic Consultation for a Child

1. A More Adequate Development of Mouth and Teeth

An early orthodontic consultation aims to assure the proper development of the child’s teeth and mouth, in addition to performing a rapid evaluation of detected problems.

2. Reducing the Impact of Orthodontic Problems

Even if treatments at a young age are not always indicative, an early consultation makes it possible to control the development of orthodontic problems and their consequences.

3. Much Faster and Less Expensive Treatments

An early consultation diminishes a long and more complicated later intervention. The treatments recommended early on could be less expensive and much faster compared to correcting the problem when then positioning of teeth have developed further.

4. Correction of Harmful Oral Habits

Certain childhood habits, such as sucking fingers and atypical swallowing can have long-term consequences. This is why it is important to correct these habits early on.