Orthodontics for Teenagers

Adolescence is a key period for following orthodontic treatments. The majority of permanent teeth have already come out and the jaw is generally well developed but still has a good potential of growth. It is strongly recommended to undertake orthodontic treatment at that time to bring solution to the occlusion and alignment of the teeth which will improve the health as well as the esteem of your teen.

Why resort to orthodontics during adolescence?

A large proportion of orthodontic treatments are generally made for the young from 11 to 18 years old. It is an ideal period because of the oral development; between 11 and 13 years, all the permanent teeth have come out, the jaw has taken the shape and alignment that it should conserve. However, since the growth of the teenager is not finished, the jaw still has a potential of development that could help with orthodontic treatments. Several treatments are possible, generally aiming to enlarge the palate to widen the available space for the teeth or replace the teeth to give an optimal alignment.

A few solutions to bring in orthodontics for teenagers

> An upper jaw that is too narrow causing a small, moderate or severe lack of space could cause difficulties to the alignment of the teeth or malocclusion.
> With one or several permanent included, which means that the teeth are not capable to come out normally.
> Large or irregular spaces between the teeth.
> Teeth positioned at a place where they should not be.
> Any other influence on the alignment or the malocclusion.

Solutions to the difficulties requiring orthodontics

Orthodontic obstacles like so could bring many consequences. This is why it is important to correct these during the teenage years.

> A deficient mastication that could alter digestion
> Complications to speech
> An important accumulation of plaque and a high risk of dental cavities and of gingivitis
> Diseases of the periodontium
> The abnormal attrition, fissures or even fractures of the teeth
> Pain or exhaustion of the articulations of the jaw

The advantages of orthodontic treatments at adolescence

1. Optimal results

At adolescence, the mouth and the teeth present permanent characteristics all while having a potential of development favorable to an evaluation of orthodontic problems.

2. Better oral health

Not only do the correction of alignment and the occlusion allow you to avoid certain related problems but well positioned teeth are much easier to keep clean and in good health.

3. A better self-esteem

An orthodontic treatment will allow your teenager to have a better optimal visual aspect which will avoid him from feeling shy about his smile for the rest of his life.

4. Long-term functional dentition

Thanks to orthodontic treatment to your teenager, their dentition will be corrected for the rest of their lives. However, these treatments are available at any age.

Orthodontie pour adolescents - avantages