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Orthodontics for Teenagers

Adolescence is a key period for orthodontic treatment. The majority of permanent teeth have already come out and the jaw is generally well developed but still has a good potential of growth. It is strongly recommended to undertake orthodontic treatment at this time to correct problems with occlusion and teeth alignment, which will improve the health as well as the self-esteem of your teen.

Why Resort to Orthodontics during Adolescence?

A large proportion of orthodontic treatments are generally performed in young people between the ages of 11 to 18 years old. It is an ideal period given the development stage of the teeth and jaws; all the permanent teeth have come out and the jaw has taken shape. However, as teenagers are still growing, the jaws are still being developed which can benefit orthodontic treatments. Several treatments are possible, generally aiming to enlarge the palate to widen the available space for the teeth or replace the teeth to give an optimal alignment.

Possible Issues your Teenager may Need Treatment for:

> A narrow upper jaw: having a small, moderate, or severe lack of space could cause difficulties to the alignment of the teeth or malocclusion.
> Impacted permanent teeth: which means that the teeth are not capable of coming out normally.
> Large or irregular spaces between the teeth.
> Teeth positioning: teeth appearing where they shouldn't.
> Any other influence on teeth alignment or malocclusion.

Consequences of Orthodontic Problems

Orthodontic obstacles, like the ones listed below, can lead to several consequences. This is why it is important to correct these issues during the teenage years.

> A deficient mastication that could impair digestion
> Speech complications
> An overaccumulation of plaque and an increased risk of tooth decay and gingivitis
> Periodontium diseases
> Abnormal wear, cracks, and fractures of the teeth
> Pain or exhaustion in the jaw joints

Advantages of Orthodontic Treatments for Teenagers

1. Optimal Results

At adolescence, the mouth and the teeth exhibit permanent characteristics while possessing developmental potential conducive to the management of orthodontic problems.

2. Better Oral Health

Not only does correction teeth alignment and occlusion prevent certain related problems, but well-positioned teeth are much easier to keep clean and in good health.

3. Improved Self-Esteem

Orthodontic treatment will give your teenager’s teeth an optimal visual appearance, thus preventing them from feeling embarrassed about their smile.

4. Long-Term Functional Teeth

Thanks to orthodontic treatment during adolescence, teeth will be corrected for the rest of their lives. However, these treatments are available at any age.