Gum Graft

Certain conditions and/or habits can cause gingival recessions (gum recessions) exposing the root. In order to treat this condition, your dentist will recommend a gum graft to give it back its height and thickness. With this minor dental surgery, the well-trained staff at Centre dentaire NP, your dental office in Kirkland in the West Island of Montreal, it is very possible to return your oral health in its best capacity to ensure that the teeth are as healthy as they can be.

When is a gum graft necessary?

Your dentist will let you know the need of a gum graft when the gingiva has receded a significant amount. This will be a solution to not only help your smile but to protect and maintain the integrity of the periodontal health of your oral cavity.

Why do I have gum recession?

> Aggressive brushing and/or flossing methods
> Irregular tooth positioning
> Bruxism (grinding) and/or clenching of your teeth
> Trauma to tooth and/or surrounding tissues
> Poor oral health and/or hygiene habits
> Genetics

Symptoms of gum recession

There are several ways that gum recession can occur: not the causes of recession
> The gingiva has an unusual redness and/or inflammation
> There is recurrent bleeding while brushing and/or flossing
> There is increased sensitivity to hot, cold and/or acidic foods and beverages
> Irregularity in the length of the teeth (certain teeth can appear longer than others when comparing)
> Tooth mobility

Gum grafting: an important and beneficial procedure

It is a simple surgical intervention to cover the exposed roots, provide gingiva thickness and/or a combination of these two goals. This procedure is done with local anesthetic and is done without causing increased pain to our patients.
The following are the steps to this procedure:

    • The dentist proceeds with scaling the area to remove tartar that harbors bacteria. By removing the tartar the dentists reduces the risk of infection to the area.
    • Before the surgery, the dentist will determine the size of the area that he/she will work on. From the palate, the dentist removes tissue and begins the treatment.
    • The tissue and membrane is placed into the area and sutured together.
    • Once the surgery is complete, the area will heal and the graft will integrate into your own tissue.

The Advantages of a Gum Graft Procedure

1. Strong and healthy teeth that stay in the bone

When gum recession is not treated, the stability of the dentition of one or several teeth becomes a concern. Thus, it becomes important to avoid the mobility and overall health of the teeth and surrounding tissues.

2. Decreased risk of oral diseases

Gum recession can be the sign of an infection of the gingiva and/or of the periodontal components. Healthy and thick gingiva reduces the impact and risk of inflammation.

3. A simple and less risky surgery

At Centre dentaire NP, our dentists of Kirkland, use the latest surgical equipment to give you quality care, ease and comfort not only during the procedure of a gum graft but when it’s healing as well.

4. An optimal and healthy smile

Gum recession can alter the visual appearance of the dentition. A gum graft procedure can give back the overall esthetics and uniform look to your smile!

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