Dr. Hassan Sbeiti

General Dentist

Dr. Sbeiti graduated from the faculty of dentistry at the University of Montreal in 2017.

He chose this profession because it joined his interest in science and for precise and meticulous manual work. Convinced that the dentist plays a role important in society, and he does everything to put his knowledge and skills at the service of his patients, to improve their oral health.

For him, the interests of his patients come first, and he always succeeds in putting them to work. comfortable and confident. He is recognized for his warm welcome, his patience and his reassuring smile. When asked what he is most passionate about in his job, he responds without hesitation that it is the rewarding aspect, because he doesn’t There is nothing better than seeing a patient leave the office with a big smile on his face, satisfied with the treatments.

Dr. Hassan Sbeiti is always looking to improve his knowledge in several fields of dentistry and does not hesitate to travel to learn new approaches. He recently trained in dental extractions, bone grafts and alveolar preservation in Detroit as well as endodontics training in California. In Montreal, he trained in porcelain veneers, training in gum grafts at the Multidisciplinary Dental Academy, and training in effective occlusal plates at the Canadian Occlusion Institute.

Dr. Sbeiti is continuously looking for new training courses which meet the needs of its patients, which follow the advancement of science and technology, and which enable it to take up new challenges.

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