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To provide you with high quality care, we work with the most advanced dental technologies. In this way, we offer manipulations and treatments that are safe, precise, comfortable and with guaranteed results.

Scanner 3D I-CAT

Thanks to the high-resolution 3D images obtained with the i-Cat scanner, it is possible to perform an accurate analysis of the bone structure of the patient's jaws and the location of the teeth on them. From there, the place of insertion, the size and the shape of the implant can be decided. Thanks to such a surgical planning, the guarantees of success of implantation and strength of the replacement tooth are greatly increased.

CEREC Omnicam

With CEREC technology, it is possible to manufacture a dental crown and to install it on the same day of the evaluation. A 3D model of the replacement crown is first obtained from a scan of the patient's mouth and then transmitted to a robot who proceeds to cut in a block of high-precision ceramics.
With CEREC, you can benefit from fast and reliable dental repair in one trip, after a complete exam with a dentist.


We offer an ultra-precise examination of the mouth cancer thanks to the use of the VELscope device which uses the natural photoluminescence of the mouth to reveal the abnormalities of the oral mucosa. This allows a quick diagnosis as the device allows visualization of lesions and cancerous signs invisible to the naked eye. It is recommended to conduct such a review once or twice a year, especially if you have or risk factors (tobacco, alcohol, heredity, HPV).

The diode laser

The diode laser used in the clinic emits ultra-fast light pulsations, making it possible to treat the soft tissues of the mouth accurately, gently, effectively and painlessly. This technology, used mainly for endodontic and periodontal procedures, avoids the use of blades, which makes the healing process safer and faster. The laser can also eliminate a large number of germs and bacteria, and thus reduce the risk of residual infections.


Make your porcelain veneers, the ultra-thin Lumineers veneers are placed directly on the teeth to be corrected without filing or trimming. The procedure is done without anesthesia or pain. It only takes one consultation appointment and one for the installation and you're done!

Apex locator

Used during channel processing and apectomy, this device allows to know precisely the length of the channel to be treated. In this way, the dentist will be able to ensure that the channels have been well cleaned and sealed, thus limiting the risk of residual infection.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-rays are clearer and more accurate, allowing for better diagnostics. As it is not necessary to develop the images, access to it is much faster. In addition, radiation exposure is reduced by 90% compared to traditional X-rays.


Thanks to Invisalign transparent gutters, you will be able to correct the alignment problems of your teeth without using the traditional pin and ring system. This versatile, discreet and reliable option is particularly popular with adults who want to improve the appearance and function of their smile.


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