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various candies in a bowl

If you want a beautiful, healthy smile, you have to watch your diet. There are some foods that automatically increase your risk for cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. Here, we’ve listed some of the worst foods for your smile.

Candies & Sweets

Sugar in general is a problem for your teeth – when it meets the bacteria in your mouth, it produces an acid that strips the enamel from your teeth, making you more vulnerable to cavities. Sticky candies are the worst, as they leave behind sugar all over your teeth and in the crevices between the teeth. If you have a strong sweet tooth, opt for chocolate, especially dark. Some studies have shown that chocolate washes off teeth more quickly than most candies.

Starchy Foods

Soft breads and potato chips are heavy in starch. When chewing these foods, the starches become sugars that get stuck on and in-between your teeth. This can cause cavities, as those sugars build up bacteria. A smart bread alternative is whole-wheat bread, which has less sugar and does not break down as easily as a soft white bread would.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are full of sugar. Most soft drinks also contain phosphoric and citric acids, which can deteriorate your tooth enamel. Sodas also dry out your mouth, reducing your saliva production. Dark-colored sodas can also discolor or stain your teeth.

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